Machine Learning with Python

Information Science
Academic Year: 
2016 - 2017
Event Date: 
Friday, March 17, 2017 to Saturday, March 18, 2017
Event Category: 
Event Venue: 
ISE Labs
Target Audience: 
Students of ISE Department
Number of Audience: 
Resource person: 
Mr. Uday Kulkarni, Mr. Sunil V. Gurlahosur, Mr. Somashekar patil, Ms. Goura Koti
Event Report: 
Machine learning is an artificial intelligence research field focuses on analyzing large amounts of data to discover patterns, and is an integral part of the data-driven decision-making process. Developing Machine Learning applications using python is a most preferred option for data scientists due to its code readability, open source implementation, comprehensive set of libraries, support for multiple programming paradigms and its portability across different operating systems. The workshop is designed with an objective to provide hands-on experience of implementing Machine Learning algorithms using Python for solving real world problems. Further, on-line project activity motivates the students to apply the machine learning concepts for solving Big Data Problems and upgrading their skills. Overview of the Workshop: · Day 1: Python programming, Data Visualization, preprocessing, Introduction to Machine Learning · Day 2: Supervised classification of Image/ Signal based Applications, Support Vector Machines · Day 3 : Unsupervised classification, Deep Learning algorithms, Convolutional Neural Networks