SRISHTI - 2017

Academic Year: 
2016 - 2017
Event Date: 
Friday, May 26, 2017 to Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Event Report: 
Mr. Maltesh B Shibarad and Mr.Vaishak MH secured 2nd prize in SRISHTI 2017 for their project Road Cross Assistance for Physically Challenged under ICT stream ABSTRACT: the concept of this work is to design an automated road crossing platform for physically challenged people. An automated platform is used to transport disabled people across the road safely. The traditional road crossing measures are not safer. Crossing the road for disabled people is not a pleasant experience. This paper presents the development of a method which assists people to cross the road. A person sits on a carrier and activates it. Depending upon the traffic density the carrier decides the perfect time to transport the person across the road. Additional safety is added by placing a small signal which is activated while the carrier is moving. Also, a buzzer is placed on the carrier to warn the vehicle approaching the carrier. The Buzzer is activated when is too near to the carrier. The man in the carrier only needs to press the button, the carrier does the rest. Won 8,000 rupees as a second price in srishti competition in avishkar under ICT secto